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Most days in Ireland you will often see an animal in someones car, like a calf for instance. But for Michigan police in the USA this was a strange one. Police officers in Michigan took a stray pig into custody last week, holding it in the back of a police […]

Cops Arrest Stray Pig For Attacking Woman

The new craze sweeping our towns and cities has to be the most deadly challenge to date. We have had challenges such as the ice bucket challenge, neck nominations and a more recent one, the charlie charlie challenge. See here. But now, new levels have been reached. This new challenge […]

Kids go crazy for the Paracetamol Challenge.

  Ever since Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna dated earlier in the year, tensions have been high between the ex couple. Rhianna and her family have said, “They despise him because they think he’s a cheater,” said an insider. “He’s with a different woman every weekend.”  Seriously, what woman would turn […]

Rhianna’s family HATES Leonardo DiCaprio but why?

    Yep. You guessed it. There is another West on the way. News broke today that Kim and Kanye are expecting their second child. The news was released by Kim on a supertease following tonight’s mid-season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. If it will be named South […]

Kanye West. Who’s the Daddy?

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  Charlie Charlie are you real? Charlie Charlie are you there? These are possibly the most familiar questions asked when doing the charlie charlie challenge. If you are not familiar with the charlie charlie challenge, it is simply a simplified Ouija board. Let me give you a brief explanation. You […]

Charlie Charlie Challenge Proof.

As we all know Ireland has taken a huge leap forward by being proactive about same sex marriage. It has only been two weeks since we all decided on a yes or no vote. For all those who have been stuck under a rock, let me just tell you, it […]

Irish Lad & Granny get personal & emotional